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Hello. Thank you for visiting!

This blog was created so I can talk about Epilepsy, Politics & Fun, and whatever else I want to talk about. I will talk about my health experiences, political views, travel adventures and more.

Regarding Epilepsy.. I began having petit mal seizures at 21 years old and experienced a grand mal seizure at 23. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 25 and have been taking medication since then which fortunately has been effective.

Professionally I am an Online Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant. I have worked with clients all over the world on various projects and have also managed my own online store.

I am also president of Republican Atheists, an organization I launched in March 2017. I have represented Republican Atheists at California Freethought Day 2017 in Sacramento, CA, UC Riverside in Riverside, CA, as well as on multiple podcasts and radio broadcasts.