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Learn about historical war events from power metal band Sabaton

Swedish power metal band Sabaton has produced edgy music since 1999 that educates listeners about historical war events primarily in Europe, while also extending to North America and Asia.

Sabaton’s lyrics focus on war, historical battles and acts of heroism. Most of the band’s songs center on World War I and World War II, along with other noted events involving armies and men. Events include Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Six-Day War, Battle of Stalingrad, service members that were Wounded in Action and thus awarded the Purple Heart, and many more.

“Primo Victoria” (2007) by Sabaton. Note: not official music video.

One of their most famous songs is “Primo Victoria” (2007), which shares insight about D-Day, otherwise known as Normany landings or Operation Overlord, when Allied forces landed on the banks of France on June 6, 1944 to fight the nazi regimes. The song gives the listener a sense of bravery, fear and pride with strong vocals, choir support and persistent guitar. Not only does the song explain general history of the event, but also allows the listener to feel what it may have been like to be in the shoes of an Ally soldier.

“The Last Stand” (2016) by Sabaton. Note: not official music video.

Another noted song is “The Last Stand” (2016) which focuses on when Roman soldiers marched on Rome in 1527, and 189 Swiss guard soldiers gave their lives to defend the vatican. The song starts with ringing church bells and progresses with strong single male vocals and then resonates with a chorus of choir singers. What is fascinating about the song is that it really makes one feel like they are going back in time and hearing the event from the people involved.

Lyrics from “The Last Stand”:

In the heart of Holy See
In the home of Christianity
The Seat of power is in danger

There´s a foe of a thousand swords
They´ve been abandoned by their lords
Their fall from grace will pave their path, to damnation

Then the 189
In the service of heaven
They’re protecting the holy line
It was 1527, gave their lives on the steps to heaven
Thy will be done!

For the grace, for the might of our lord
For the home of the holy
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Gave their lives so boldly

Sabaton formed in 1999 and originates from Falun, Sweden. The band has stayed with the theme of historical war events and heroism on all eights of its albums, and music has been featured in various video games.

The band’s 2008 album The Art of War was influenced by the ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War, written by General Sun Tzu in 6th Century BC. Lyrics focus on events in World War I and II where Sun Tzu’s strategies were implemented.

The 2014 album Heroes was a big hit and even made it to the #1 spot on the official Swedish album chart.

Joakim “Jocke” Brodén, vocalist and keyboardist, and Pär Sundström, bass and backing vocals, are the founders and two lasting members in the band. Brodén has a Swedish father and mother from Czech Republic, and he has dual citizenship in both  countries.

Sabaton is actively touring in 2018 in North America and Europe. Visit their website here.

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