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Pro-choice movement: Focus more on the lives of children

Mantras of the current American pro-choice movement are quotes like, “Get your hands off my ovaries, ” and, “My body, my choice.” While these quotes have significance, they tend to come off as self-centered rather than emphasizing a subject that hits hard on all people: the life of the child.

Over a decade ago my stance on abortion changed to pro-choice. This change was primarily due to me giving more thought to the life and well being of the child rather than the mother herself. Like most people, I prefer a child to be in the best situation possible while growing up, both physically and mentally, and to be with its mother.

I view the mother as first and foremost the primary caregiver of the child. As primary caregiver, the mother has the right to determine whether she is in an ideal situation to care for the child or not – this is no one else’s decision. If the mother determines she is not in the ideal situation to care for the child, whether mentally or physically, which ultimately impacts the life of the child, then she should have the choice to determine the future of the child.

I consider focusing on the life of the child, rather than one’s self, to be a more humane approach to abortion. After all, it is heart breaking to see helpless children living in sub-par environments or being shuffled through orphanages. Reports have shown children in these hostile situations are more likely to become involved in criminal activity and to not perform as well in school. Studies on Romanian orphanages have shown the horrible results for children raised under state care rather than the care of family.

Because I support pro-choice legislation does not mean I have turned my back on the pro-life community, which I emphasize when communicating with people who are pro-life. I actually value much of what the pro-life community does in regards to sharing personal stories and providing guidance for mothers. It is important that potential mothers are clued in on as many aspects of pregnancy as possible, and the pro-life community helps provide this rounded perspective.

But at the end of the day I consider forcing a child to be born against the mother’s will to be inhumane and unacceptable. The life of the child is an argument that should be a primary point put forth time and time again by the pro-choice community. Let’s start chanting quotes like, “We care for the lives of children,” and, “A mother’s choice is a mother’s love,” and show that we are greatly concerned about the well being of children.

Lauren Ell is an American blogger born and raised in Southern California and is currently based in Sweden. She discusses Epilepsy, Politics and Fun. Professionally Ell is an Online Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant. She is also founder and president of Republican Atheists. Connect with Lauren on Facebook and Twitter.